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Bugs abusers restored

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  • Bugs abusers restored

    I see players that got deleted are slowly being restored to our server alongside all the things they upgraded with bugged items. If this thing sticks im 100% canceling all my vips on alts/other r2 games and saying it goodbye.They all knew what was happening and yet they abused it so no excuses there are valid. r2 take care of this problem or say goodbye to everyone that decided to actually follow the rules

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    Sofar only the toons were restored, the accounts are still banned. Don't forget a lot of abusers/exploiters were never banned to begin with and half of them is still slowly upgrading their stuff with the items that were traded all over, acting as legal as they can. Pretty much every wing/mount upgrade you'll witness these days is thanks to the bug.
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      If r2 allows the main abusers back in the game then we will all know it’s all about the money because they banned a lot of cashers. They don’t want their mistake to drop their revenue. At least the 1c incident dropped the prices a little, lmao. Demon wings for all xD
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        Agreed Speeds. A lot of people whom I know for a fact received items are still running around. I am not complaining though. R2 is doing the best they can with what they have.


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          It's really so damn weird they can't rollback characters or do anything about it, the best thing they can do is ban them for a while, even a 3 or 6 months ban won't be enough considering the amount of cash shop items these people gain, I can safely say that the amount of cash shop items gained and distributed must be at least 3x or 5x galahallt / larahallt's treasury... and only at a cost of few dollars, extremely ridiculous... Basically if you're not abusing the bug, you're the loser here... casher or non casher..

          Easier for non casher though, since they haven't spent any cash and didn't get any benefit from this exploit, they can just quit the game, but for casher who spend thousands of dollars and didn't get any benefit from this exploit, it's really like being scammed.


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            ~thread is closed, please have patience and await a official response about the matter. any more threads will be removed.
            if after receive word on R2's solution to the matter your not satisfied with how some characters were handled/have proof some people still have impossible things, send them to me -GammaDraco - the Fourth Star of Celestial Flail
            I will have it looked into

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