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my characted has been deleted please help me

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  • my characted has been deleted please help me

    My character was deleted i didnt do have 4 tickets open not getting feedback/response please help me!

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    I need supportttttttttt my character has been deleted and still nothingggggggggggggggggg


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      are you a part of the [S6]Windshear &servers merged with it incident or something else?
      if something else, please provide ticket #'s.
      if you are from the servers merged with Windshear Peaks, then you'll have to be patient. don't spam tickets, it'll just make it more difficult for them to help you&possibly get you in trouble


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        Ticket #189935

        ticket #189919

        My character is just gone i didnt delete it

        And no one is helping

        Why wont support contact me?
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          be patient please, i'm looking into it for you


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            Thank you very much

            And just had royal wedding i guess if get character back thats going to be gone...

            7 hours now and no feedback
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              check pm please


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                is it that hard to reactivate my character?

                been quite awhile now
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                  why is my character has been deleted I with just on here last night I have everything almost done I will not start again goodbye


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                    i dont care who did it i just want to play

                    say its under "investigation" i dont know who "hacked" it or the "bug" i just want my character back so i can play pleaseeeeeeee
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                      so basicly what your saying is you think somebody hacked you? because most hackers just take items but if they really hate some they could just delete their Toons, or was it under lvl 20 because after awhile R2 deletes level 20 and lower Characters, this thing happened to a friend and he recovered and got it back fairly quicky, if you be Patient and check daily they will get to you they are very busy with other tickets and they will get to you.
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                        no it was maxed


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                          @ NlNJA the edit button isn't there just for lulz.
                          Stalkers OP.

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                            It works spamming out this topic, keep on doing this. >.> U might get a ban though.
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                              Tue, May 14 2013 1:17am Thank you for providing requested information. We have forwarded your issue to the appropriate department to be resolved in the soonest possible time.

                              -The R2Games Team

                              Over 24 hours and character is still gone.