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Is This How This Game Supposed To Be ?

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    Originally posted by majestique View Post
    what i mentioned above, it is not only about haters. haters is just a small part of it. the thing is how we acts and hold responsibilities

    for every actions that we take. bullying whether in real life or virtual life got the same meaning, also can cause the same damage

    since whats really hurts is the mental aspect, not phisical one. Ive seen some 12 years old kids ingame talked way harsh and

    inappropriate than the backalley people on the streets where i live. there are costs of being ignorance as much as being care.

    what mostly regreable of all that is when things oredi done, whatever you do, you cant roll back what oredi happened.

    - You cant bring back young age, as much you cant undone the past -
    That was very heart-warming and attention-grabbing, GodReign. #00
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      Waa, I hope they stop being mean to Diamond..
      Last edited by Eyonnn; 05-23-2013, 08:26 AM.


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        I had a simple solution ignore them and when you see them in certain places like Twilight Taverns Kill them lol xD
        "Poison ? That's a merely dessert for a demon like me" - (S58)Mirajane


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          People are stupid. Forget about others, it's a game. Play it and, don't mind others, or shut the fudge up and quit.
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            Report and ignore, problem solved.
            Not mentally stable enough to play a game where you have to interact with other people? -> Report to an doctor.
            People ingame breaking the law? -> Report to the police.
            People ingame breaking the tos? -> Report to R2.

            Problem not solved? -> Stop playing at all or look for an other game.
            That's all there is. This is just a game, not real life.


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              if they wont ban that bollocks (probably not)
              what do they want? make this game as sandbox? Click image for larger version

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              this cr*ppy game cant do that mate! even the gap between the noobs and oldf.. oldbies are too wide
              Click image for larger version

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              Originally posted by bla2400 View Post
              Theirs a few things id like to say to atleast put my 2 cents in on this.

              1: "treat others the way you want to be treated" thats always #1 in my book and should be in anyones book
              2: You can bad mouth people but doing it on an alt no less is low even for the person who pulled it (wont say names as I do know who!)

              Cyber bulling as we have seen in the news and so on is can be just as bad as normally bullying after a set amount of times of hearing it you know someone is going to do something. Alot of people in our server are not very mature they tend to show it very easily and effortlessness especially when they don't like how something is being done. Alot of the times a person will bad mouth someone for something really stupid yet that person doing the bad mouthing is the one that cause the problem to begin with and will not admit to it on top of that people when they get mad tend to do really stupid things that they latter regret.

              "For every action their is a reaction" <-- let it be a lession before you decide to type something for every action their is a consequence to it.
              i love quotes, it make you look smarter Click image for larger version

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                Originally posted by majestique View Post


                Is this how we supposed to play this game? abussing people using alts.

                Theres some norms, ethiquettes whether in real life or virtually that we must hold, in order to live peacefuly and

                harmonicaly with others whereever you are.

                this definitely not one of it.

                I think no use to banned an alts. Nothing can really stop this kind of actions.

                But if GM want, they can do something. they can trace the IP and do an necessary action.

                This is only one example of how low people can become in this virtual world.

                Is this the true self of the people in this game ?

                We cant report to the real life police like in real world. Coz the police here is R2 Staffs.

                Whether they let things go, and make this world got no law, or do something, its all on your hands to decide.

                I posted this screenshots just trying to setting an example, how we have been deprived from our true purposes of playing online gaming.

                Lets us all see deep inside of ourself, do you like to be insulted, bullied, trash talked by others? do you like to be abbused mentally or

                phisically each and every day? Coz whether you realize em or not, you are oredi become one of the people that corrupt the society.

                Lets set a future of a brighter life, whether in real life, or in virtual life. This life is too short and way too precious to spent on hatred, rage,

                revenge, or many many other negative emotions that can turn you become the worst, and keep bring harm and disharmony to others.

                "Respect Others, More Than You Respect Yourself"
                Too bad i didn't see this post sooner. You are a fine one to talk about how ppl behave whether it is in game or real life. Everything you said above also applies to the player who will make tons of level 11 alts and spam WC getting each of those alts BB, then turn around and use the level 11 alts to sell gmuts to even another alt for 1c using the "wanted shop feature". Uhm i would say that is massive alt abuse just so a player can gain an advantage in the game. One thing i have never figured out though is how do those level 11 alts get the gmuts since level 11 cannot trade or buy from cash shop? how does that level 11 alt get enuf gold to buy the racoon and the stallion along with all the muts it would take to upgrade to the BB? And why is it so important for the level 11 alts to even get the BB when once they level 11 they never get leveled up again? Is it so important to get that BB because there is a way to get the gmuts at level 11 instead of having to reach level 45? When u said the following "I posted this screenshots just trying to setting an example, how we have been deprived from our true purposes of playing online gaming", wouldn't that also apply? Many players in this game have been deprived of the true purpose of online gaming. And the title of this post definitely applies "Is This How This Game Supposed To Be"? Maybe you should start posting screenshots of the massive number of level 11 alts to prove this is happening and be more concerned in removing the cheaters from the game and help make the game clean again, if you really want this game to be played "how it is supposed to be played"..........


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                  That's why the "Ignore" is there for this kind of things. I dunno if it's just me but all the servers I've been through and also my present, most people loves to start drama specially during GR, Delivery and alike. My take on this is don't feed the trolls, don't mind WC alot because that is where all the drama starts.And also personal things shouldn't go in WC use "Whisper" more I think.
                  "Be quiet, I'm doing the fishstick! It's a very delicate state of mind."