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SI there a problem with r2 ?

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  • SI there a problem with r2 ?

    i cant get my character list to load on my main nor on my alt ...anyone else having this issue ?

    Click image for larger version

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    same here


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      R2 are you going to fix this or just let the people that can't get on suffer...


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        same here... i cant see my noobest priest
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          If you are still having problems, please include the server and character so it can be checked.
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            Originally posted by MystykL1 View Post
            i cant get my character list to load on my main nor on my alt ...anyone else having this issue ?

            maybe its your ISP or low connection something like that i think
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              nah some of my friends said they still can playing other game, just R2 host is not good atm
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                would help if mentioned server. but i'll find out which ones you are all on and try.
                its letting me load a few various servers at the moment. and has been last few days for lot of people just fine. So more details would be helpful if don't already have situation dealt with in tickets.
                please include speed test results from

                ps. sullen dunes seems to be fine
                Bloodshed works fine and was one of the ones i check on
                necropolis and those merged servers seem fine loading as well.
                ~Thread closed, if continue having issues file a ticket
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