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Monster hanbook blocking emotes

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  • Monster hanbook blocking emotes

    has anybody else encountered this problem? Whenever i try to click certain emotes the handbook is in the way ^.^

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    Originally posted by ShadowGammaDraco
    they didn't MAKE the Original version of the game. any changes to the core game they have to dispute with main copyright owners in various ways most likely which takes time.
    Now stop complaining about seng plz c:...

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    We'll do that what we want to... <3

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    go full screen with F11 or in tools menu
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      Or change the zoom in our browser. (Ctrl + or Ctrl -)

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        i am full screen and cant open the emicons at all
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          The full screen for this game is not really a help to be honest. Also if you really want a easy way to figure out how to get them emotions their without having to go full screen or zooming (which by the way are no help what so ever to me) You can always add the #01 or so on to get the emotion your looking for.

          This is a taunting way to learn the emotions but iv learned all 24 emotions without having to use the button I can just type the one I want and that helps me more then having to find which one I want. Hope this helps you remember its # then numbers like #02 or #21 or #16 gives you a general idea.
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