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Acc. Sharing and Scamming

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  • Acc. Sharing and Scamming

    As what we have observed, The Acc. of (S60)Epthumia has been Piloted By (S60)WantDEAD which allow him to upgrade his acc. faster. The reason why i Post this is there's an Issue Between Eptih,Want and Heal. The issue is Wantdead stole the 12 plat of epith and when epith open its char he noticed that hes money was lacking, So WantDEAD make an disguise that he didn't even open the Acc of epith and Heal is the one who always use his char. And the problem is Epithumia trusted a wrong person and the one who didn't stole the money was the one suffered to find money in order to pay back to the money being stoled by WantDEAD. I post this thread because i want WantDead to be banned from CS.

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    It's not going to work that way.. If one of the involved parties sends in a ticket, then the account that was shared and anyone who accessed it may be banned.

    If anyone else reports it, with screenshot proof via a ticket, again all parties may be banned, not just one who may or may not have taken something from the account.
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      you cant ban people for stealing
      the game support stealing even encourage it
      the one should be ban is those who share them acc
      but losing money is enough punishment i think
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