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unfair enchating percentage

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  • unfair enchating percentage

    i have used 220 dc for frag weapon for plus six i have had this sword two months now and still only plus six the percentage rate for success is unfair and im so sick and tired of this sword 220 dc i should of had perfect frag already please fix the percnetage rat for dc or give us something else to enchant the frag weapon that has better chance of success this is so unfair..

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    You need stacks of DC to get perfect frag, enchanting isn't fun at all.

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      96 dc just to get my +9 in perfect bow but *** i cant get +9 really unfair
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        I actually do agree with this. The drop rate is not fantastic with DCs (8 runs 1 DCs) so at least the chance of success could be higher. It took me 650 DCs for get my frag weapon +11 for the next upgrade.

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          I really dont think this enchante system is as bad people say it is. Iv seen much worse on one game I played their a weapon that was enchant able to +11 getting to +10 was good enough but if you wanted to brave it trying +11 was a 7% chance and if you failed the weapon broke their was no safety stone or anything.

          Plus this is all about luck with enchanting I know its frustrating to try but you cant give up. I got my sup frag VII to +11 in 60 DCs not everyone is lucky iv seen people not get it in one stack you just got to brave it and hope for the best. plus if you think frag is hard try +ing slayers gear or lv 100 purg gear pass +7 which is 49%- and so on.
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