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Login option missing from R2games main page

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  • Login option missing from R2games main page

    is it just me or anyone else experiencing the same issue? i cant login since theres no login option on main page R2 games

    IGN: (S34)GodReigN
    Server: Void Encampment
    Class: Hybrid Pure Agi Rogue
    Level: 120 Eidolon
    Guild: REBELS

    " I am The Ancient God of Shadow and Wind
    I Stand under One Sky of The Dark Age
    I Bestow Nightmare upon My Enemies
    I Breath Despair and Endless Calamity
    My Presence is beyond The Everlasting Horror "

    " I don't always show emotion.
    But when I do, It's like the second coming of Jesus "

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    Website works fine godreign, try login from
    A werewolf, A wearwolf, A warewolf, Aware wolf.


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      sometimes it happens to me also just use a direct link so u can log in