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No more crystal saga. goodbye vidalians

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    yeah they didnt see what problem they are doing making new server. why they not just fix the login issue loading issue and bugs to make this game awesome instead of making new server. its 60+ server now maybe they want to make every single people have there own server.


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      some people still can play but the other cant play cus this faile login. Hope GM will fix it ASAP

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        so its time to say goodbye CS and welcome dragon pals


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          is DRAGON PALS game is not error now ??


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            Sad to say I'm stock on character loading list hope problem be fix


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              but i like crystal saga


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                it got error too? so cant doin anything with this web start playing ninja pockie then


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                  This game a lot of bug and very boring of this. lol

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                      Originally posted by xshinn View Post
                      wheres the proof that Crystal saga is over?
                      Proofs are everywhere: The game is not progressing at all, problems with playspan, login issues, and they just keep releasing stuffs that need to be cashed. But that's it, I have had enough. I don't see any meaning of getting strong anymore in this game just for the sake of sengolia or even LG. For you newbies, yeah just keep playing and waste your time. ^_^


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                        Click image for larger version

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                        Fix That Please!!!


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                          If everyone would stop being dramatic for a moment and take a look around the forums, you would see that there's a lot of threads covering every game about the log in issues. It's not a CS specific issue. It's got nothing to do with new servers, and it doesn't have anything to do with games shutting down. The cause of the issue is unknown. It does not affect everyone, and there's currently no pattern to who can log in and who can't (like with the PH issues a month ago and the EU issue a couple weeks ago).

                          Some issues cannot be fixed in a day and other issues cannot be fixed at all (meaning, it's not server side- like the last few major login issues). Every time the servers have gone down because something was wrong with the servers, they weren't down for very long, so keep that in mind here.

                          So, if a few of you wouldn't mind doing some investigating on your side, you might find something that can help everyone. Give your ISP a call and have them test the connection to the server for you. They might see something that can be fixed, or they can re-route your connection past the bad part. Please let me know the results of that call, as it may help the techs pinpoint the issue if it is indeed server side.

                          Also, some players have said unplugging their router/modem helps. Others have found this thread to be extremely helpful:

                          In the meantime, the techs are aware of the issue and they are looking into it. If it's server side it will be fixed, please be patient. If it's one of the hops along the way to the server, all you can do is wait or request your ISP help you with that.
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                            Maybe the problem's in your browser. Why don't you try restarting it?
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                            • #29
                              Authorization error need help

                              GM's OF R2 we need you helps we cant log in to CS


                              • #30
                                the problem is not internet the problem is ASIAN IP that's all !
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