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Recent crystal bug abusing

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  • Recent crystal bug abusing

    Recently wide abused crystal bug still wasnt resolved in any way. I see a lot of people on both of servers i play are having their ban running out today or tomorrow while all the things they gained true bug abuse is still there. Can somebody from r2 make any statement about this at all? It has been weeks and nothing has been done and no informations have been shared. Should the rest of us that didnt cheat just quit this game because we will fall behind badly now or will r2 do something.

    Dont send another moderator to say its being worked on and close the thread, because its not, not a single reporting case was resolved yet. All you can get from r2 is pre generated answer that clearly show you person responding to your tickets didnt even bother reading them and has no clue what are you asking.

    It is many games out there and most of them are way cheaper to play then cs is (yeah its true to be the top you need to pay), so please be kind enough to inform us if we should start searching for one where costumer support is capable of resolving issues within a reasonable time.

    kind regards
    players that didnt use crystal bug
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    its sad, used to be very active, now i stumble threw a dungoun and ladder in hope its not a waste of time. canceled my vip, motivation dropping, never seen this bad treat to players in any game they actually take money for stuff
    can't even get a decent answer in 3,5 weeks about whats going on


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      Some people are already unbanned, and they get to keep their bugged upgraded stuff, some newbie , for example (s15)Park still kept his Kilin and Extreme Divine wings +7 , while I'm pretty sure he was still at Angel lord wing +0 or +1 or whatever.

      Good job once again r2games. I knew it when you view their characters, nothing was being done, they only removed items from vault, inventory, etc, but they get to keep what they upgraded with only 1 month ban, jeezus, please sign me up for that program too, I don't mind being banned for 2-3 months as long as I can get super upgrades like that.

      I'll let the community decides, how is this fair ? getting over 10-20 k usd worth of upgrades for free, and only getting 1 month ban, and it's not only 1-2 people, there were others. Why am i even bother to cash up ?
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        Could anyone from r2 give a proper answer to what you guys said about being able to fix their wings and soul but actually did nothing ? Everyone should look at this post and ask themself why bother cashing up when people who abused the crystal bug get to keep their stuff with the punishment being them getting banned for just a month ??


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          so basically , all that Shadowgammadraco and MemoryLane visiting the servers are pretty much useless, I'm guessing it's the GMs decision, there's nothing you guys can do about it, right ? since you guys are just moderator...

          Well anyway, I know how this game works now, bug = abuse it or you lose. It's risky, but no pain no gain.


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            pm me ticket #'s please


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              (s15)Park and (s11)Euna are the people i seen back recently do i have to file a ticket for this and wait for a bot reply like this is the decision of the developers and we have nothing to do with it ? No offence but thats the reply i have been getting


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                Originally posted by ShadowGammaDraco View Post
                pm me ticket #'s please

                The following errors occurred with your submission

                ShadowGammaDraco has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.


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                  Yep one month ban is definitely not a solution to cheated upgrades. Have similar case on my server, nearly maxed out toons with many cheated items and just a slap on the wrist for punishment.


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                    I saw one player having last pixie from the crystal glitch, how is this fair to people who spend real cash to get it there. I'm talking about 6k pucs there


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                      alright. well lets say for now those are established for the moment, I personally see they have funky gear& a few others.. but bans are a serious thing. i'm not going to give gms names and say "ban these people"
                      will need some documentation done/etc and Gm's to do their thing( no offense) if there was already a pre- existing ticket # from the initial incident you can pm me that. don't have to make a new one.
                      the pre existing ticket # would probably help more then a new one created. after that just ask that please have patience
                      if their vaults are cleaned etc, that is good- its progress. can't promise anything but i'd say that's near complete besides what wearing correct? so not all hope is lost. just hang in there
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                        well first off i would like to point out that most of the posts on this thread are made from the same person using multiple toons, as you can see, the "join dates" are same and the number of posts very low (as if you were using an alt to post for the first time), not to mention the mode of speech is identical. that out of the way, I am one of the people who got banned for using the xtals r2 posted at $0.01 for 500 xtals in thier recharge pop up menu (in game). also i would like to point out that there is a team of r2 staff who are still working on this issue - as stated by a CS GM on skype 2 hrs ago. it is already in good hands.

                        to call everyone who used the xtals r2 gave them for making a purchase, "cheaters" is a bit extreme, clearly it was not intended to happen, but what would you do if someone gave you more than you paid for?

                        what really needs to be addressed here is the influx of items that was introduced into the game, the issue is not about just those who made the purchase, traded or gifted others, i see MANY MANY players who have upgraded far past thier previous ability to do so (non cashers and low lvl toons with max mounts, and 2nd last tier of epic wings). you want all those players banned as well? there would be 1/2 the server gone. and im 100% sure there are still players sitting on a stash of items - probably even the person who using multiple toons to complain on this post.

                        as you can see, r2 has thier hands full trying to deal with this, which they are doing professionally and politely. btw, i would gladly have my character reset to pre-bug status, i just want to play the game.


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                          you sure you would gladly have your character reset you have like the last pixie stop lying dode


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                            just a game, as i said, i just wanna play. i upgraded very little compared to others, i can list it easily, 2 soul nodes (first of which i was almost ready to upgrade anyways), 1 pixie lvl, (was 1/2 way there already), my wings were at first legendary with 3.5 stars. 1 immac amber, and 1 immac saph, (both were perfect before), and made 1 of each 2 person mount for the title (of which i already had my nix as you know).
                            so with full disclosure, i don't mind getting reset to pre-bug status even if everyone else keeps their upgrades. none of the upgrades matter if i cant play, so yes, gladly be reset.
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                              Nah, be patient a little. Going through each cheating players one by one takes a lot of effort and time, and i'm pretty sure R2 will have it done in due time

                              *sits down peacefully while drinking hot coffee*
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