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Recent crystal bug abusing

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    I will say i am a little lazy to go over TOS now but in most games i played, finding an obvious bug and exploiting it instead of reporting it is an offense that ends up in account deletion(it being connected to real money items only makes it worse). Not sure how a bug could be more obvious than this (exception being shop items raining from the sky). But as i mentioned earlier deletion is not a good solution here, it will kill the player base and the competition within servers. I dont like many of the players banned but still would like to see everyone returned to our server(u need both friends and enemies to make this type of game fun). So as Dode said, delete the stuff obtained via bugged crystal and restore their accounts to maintence status before that incident(if its possible). This would be, in my opinion, the best solution for everyone.


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      Originally posted by wisteria589 View Post
      Well if this **** keeps going on then me and my friends will gladly move to ANOTHER game. I'm not asking for every character to be banned or deleted or something but just rollback the big upgrades that everyone got like people going from angel Lord to ultimate divine wings, yeah that needs to be rolled back, but I don't see how like one person upgrading one little thing should be banned and deleted, I would focus more on the big stuff like killins and wings and stuff the main stuff that was most upgraded. That's just my opinion..
      wis why not say where u get ur fl and mount from and as ur friend lat have some nice wings so do not play like u get nothing from it


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        Well it seems to be going back and forth everyone complaining about the same thing. An error was made on both parties the game and the people playing the game. The fixing of the problem became the games error. So punishment was a month of ban to players so game could be fixed. Month is up no fixing done so another ban. This is again the games problem. Im not saying im happy about the increase of players gears and pets but the game had a month to fix it or they should have extended the time frame. Its wrong to bring these people back and ban again and at this time only a few are being targeted for the ban wherein the whole server prospered from this error on the games part. The people complaining are the ones that do not like the new competition that has risen. They are the ones that have had illegal activity for a long time but now they have competition because of an error of the game which has allowed some people to matched or beaten their characters and they feel a need to complain. You had a month to fix the problem if you were unable to fix it you could have given the people playing the game better quests to do to build themselves up in that month. I say give back their characters suck it up deal with the loss and start over. The complainers will catch up again in their own good time but this time around they might actually have to work for it. It is what it is but banning these people again is wrong. You should have given them a new date and left them banned till then if you didnt fix the problem. Rebanning them because of people complaining in the forums was wrong and those people complaining I guarantee you benefitted from this error but just not enough in their eyes. Remember the greedy will always be greedy the strong will always be strong but stupid is just plain stupid and right now rebanning these people is just plain stupid.
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          Originally posted by lordofchoas View Post
          wis why not say where u get ur fl and mount from and as ur friend lat have some nice wings so do not play like u get nothing from it
          Well atleast I'm not the ****** that got a hellwing and that's blaming every character they see like on w/c idiot
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            This thread will now be closed and anymore like it deleted unless it shows proper respect and support in seeing the situation resolved, if another respectful thread is made that stays and you flame it your posting privileges will be removed until you can compose yourself within this community to see things change for the better. the people who were effected were given a answer on their fix. its not something that is a instant process. and there has been obvious progress made. end of story~