For recent R2 login issues, please log in through the website starting with "https": In addition, the bookmark of the saved URL may still contain the word "http", please change it to "https". If this does not work for you, please clear the cache and cookies to complete the most recent update, or try again with another browser. Thank you.
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  • Infinity

    I dont have a screenshot but i cant log on it says infinity
    Level: Scion 63+
    IGN: (S28)Destroyer
    Guild: Imperium
    Server: Bloodfang Village
    Soul: 475
    Pets: Super Demon lvl 72, Super Angel lvl 66, Megasaurus lvl 57, Boxer Rex lvl 53, and File Lord lvl 48
    Rank: Arch Duke-102670
    Mount: Gorilla Titan

  • #2
    It's fixed now, you can log in. I think It was some kind of server problem. Not as bad as DNS issues though. I do have screenshots of it...
    Originally posted by **aH2o138Mfg4J**
    This is how I got my name.
    **=All my friends have this in their names.
    a=First letter of alphabet.
    H2o=Chemical formula for water.
    138=13 is bad Luck 8 is how old my son was when I created this account.
    M=Master. Seems like another way to say boss.
    fg=Food, because we need it to live. Guardian, they protect you.
    4J=4 is how old my daughter is when I created this account. J is the first letter of my last name.
    **=All of my friends have this in their names.
    Yes, you can call me anything.