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  • Infinity

    I dont have a screenshot but i cant log on it says infinity
    Level: Scion 63+
    IGN: (S28)Destroyer
    Guild: Imperium
    Server: Bloodfang Village
    Soul: 475
    Pets: Super Demon lvl 72, Super Angel lvl 66, Megasaurus lvl 57, Boxer Rex lvl 53, and File Lord lvl 48
    Rank: Arch Duke-102670
    Mount: Gorilla Titan

  • #2
    It's fixed now, you can log in. I think It was some kind of server problem. Not as bad as DNS issues though. I do have screenshots of it...
    Originally posted by **aH2o138Mfg4J**
    This is how I got my name.
    **=All my friends have this in their names.
    a=First letter of alphabet.
    H2o=Chemical formula for water.
    138=13 is bad Luck 8 is how old my son was when I created this account.
    M=Master. Seems like another way to say boss.
    fg=Food, because we need it to live. Guardian, they protect you.
    4J=4 is how old my daughter is when I created this account. J is the first letter of my last name.
    **=All of my friends have this in their names.
    Yes, you can call me anything.