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  • Frustated for Casher

    What CS might think is a minor problem, and not fixing it properly is causing a major problem in our server (and I believe on other servers too)

    You guys returned the characters that abused the crystal glitch we had about a month and half ago. Other players won’t care if they come back as the way they were before they purchased/upgraded their characters. That’s why most people were talking about a “rollback” which I believe you guys don’t have such system since it never happened which would have been the best solution to the problem.

    Let me just point out some facts:

    To start, who’s gonna buy crystals to upgrade stuffs now? When you know you can get screwed big time purchasing crystals for regular price, who will...? If you know you can buy a ferrari for 5 bucks, would you pay the full price?

    Second, the big cash spenders will be frustrated and quit the game/or not purchase crystals anymore. The penny spending players/kids who gets allowance money from parents will stay to do what ? To bully around but not to upgrade cuz they are upgraded enough to bully.

    Third, oh wow seriously ? this is the solution you guys came up with? Just to let you guys know, we have players that are back in our server with full pixie upgrade, divine wings, killin, etc using the glitch.

    This matter is not to be taken lightly and have bots answering frustrated cash spending players’ messages. You guys made it worse by returning those characters without checking them carefully. You NEED to resolve this matter properly.

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    The account you're posting with is HmongTKB from S6+merged servers. Current owner of HmongTKB since he quit months ago is Temptation (s10 or s11 i dont remember). Temptation abused the glitch just as well and didnt get his character restored. Stop being such a hypocrit?
    There are more abusers never-banned than abusers that have been banned. If you want this stuff honestly resolved, you'd be complaining eversince the start of the bug when they all were able to continue upgrading without any punishment instead of just now when you see (only a few) being unbanned.
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      Speeds thats not even me talking please confirm who it is first before calling people out what a noob still proud owner of your account with ur glitched stuffs ? haha fail i already give up on the game came to look at this because kl told me about u accusing me for posting something that i didnt so shut up and get your facts right first


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        R2 max my soul, wings and pixie, you can ban me for a month, delete my vault and ill pay u 10cents, deal?


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          Proud owner of level 120 GLITCHED Nature Ranger, yaaaaaaay I feel so proud cuz I had to use the xtal glitch to become stronger


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            u forgot something too Officially the #1 Glitched Nature Ranger of Windshear Peaks & six merged servers


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              Is this a thread where I can gloat and go I TOLD YOU SO?

              Well, toodles
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                Originally posted by XxIsidhuXx View Post
                Proud owner of level 120 GLITCHED Nature Ranger, yaaaaaaay I feel so proud cuz I had to use the xtal glitch to become stronger
                Speeds don't even have his char anymore so why are you saying that. Idk why speeds went at the maker of this forum like that but it does not make it right to diss him about a char that is banned atm.
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