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  • VIP Features!

    I have just brought VIP,I have not received any Diamonds.
    I was on the 3 day trial when I brought a month VIP then ended next months payment,

    Will that have any effect?

    S34 Lewish131

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    You get 800 Crystal when you purchase VIP, not Platinum (diamonds.)

    The 3-day free trial would just add on to your 1 month VIP making it 1 month and 3 days.

    If you don't see this:

    in the VIP State tab under

    file a ticket if you have been billed.

    Now, if you're saying you ONLY had the 3 day trial instead of purchasing the 7.99 USD 1 month VIP, then you will not receive crystal for that, since it's free, and just a "here, try me out and see if you like it, then if you do, buy it."

    If you got the trial... for 3 days.. then cancelled renewal for the next month, you'd still have the one from the previous month, and the 800 crystal would have already been received.
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      Thanks,but I have Not recived crystals even thought i paid 7.99