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    Been having some ridiculous lag for the past 2 days, only to view someone takes like 10 sec for it to happen. Constantly attacking mobs without them taking any damage then suddenly teleporting to different location, getting DCs all the time, constant authorization errors etc etc etc. ***'s happening.. PS. just cleared cache and cookies, didn't help at all, and everything else works just fine so don't play the cookie - & my connection cards.
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    Stalkers OP.

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    I have 0 lag what so ever, maybe it's my new over powerd computers. So I think everyone would lag, even mymachines, so maybe it's just you. Just an idea, and oh did you run registry cleaners and the likes, spyware/virus, malware scans? Numers reasons for computer lag, just gotta find it. ^.^; I'd be happy to give you tips on where to look. PS: My computers run all day & Night, no dc'ing on them.

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      i have connection problems today keep disconnecting sort it now