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Unfair Marriage

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  • Unfair Marriage

    I am not sure who I should address this issue to as I am new to R2. I am a Dovo transfer and my character is (V2)Rainbow on the [S39] Erie Marsh server. I was and still am married to (V2)Cycon who is a character that didn't transfer over from Dovo and is no longer in existence. I do not think that it is fair that on R2 it shows that I am still married to him and that I would have to pay to get a divorce from him. I am not a person to complain about much but there are others like myself that transferred over from Dovo and still show married to their spouse that didn't transfer over. Dovo explained that if your spouse didn't transfer over that you would no longer be married anymore. That obviously was not true. I am a very active player and would like to remain that way so if it is possible for R2 to fix the error that Dovo stated that would be great. I know that it is not the responsibility of R2 to fix this error but I also do not believe that it is my fault that my spouse didn't transfer. I am looking forward to your reply.


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    The only error was that Dovo stated you'd be automatically divorced if your spouse didn't transfer over. That's not accurate information.

    I will ask if there's anything that can be done, but I think you might be stuck with the separation decree option.
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      Ewww im not going to pay for that Divorce....


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        Separation Decree so expensive O.O , i hope GM will lower it
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          i think there should be an option to divorce using gold for those players that were married only using gold for the ring. its pretty low of them to make it seem like u can do it with gold but stick us with having to buy a seperation decree after... i mean eventually everybody quits this game for many reasons... i dont blame them.


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            Yea good point but I marriage using crystal T_T so ...
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              I have the same problem I am married to a character that still plays but i can't afford the seperation degree. I agree with teagan there should be a choice to buy one with gold
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                youu have to cash out to buy an degree.
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