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How Obnoxious can you go to get banned....R-18 content

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  • How Obnoxious can you go to get banned....R-18 content

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    This is from Hellstorm server, the player's name is Spankwire. He is not just annoying but also so OBNOXIOUS, spamming world chat with unimaginable immoral words talking about........well one example is in the image i submitted, but don't think that that's the only one. He talks about sexually explicit topic(don't point out the irony..i know). I am pleading to GM's/Admin please make sure that this guy will get what he asked for...Most players are underage kids who came here to enjoy and not to see this kind of things. It kinda creeps me out.

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    Click image for larger version

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    After I posted the thread, this is a follow up...he really is asking for it...PLEASE GM'S/ADMINS..TAKE ACTION!


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      R2games dont really have GM/Mod thats active looking at the chat on all server 24/7 so unfortunately you can only file a ticket, or forum which most likely they will tell you to write a ticket, i love the loop. Also as you can tell he is just a kid who know the name of one adult site and use it as nickname. He play just to say that, i believe that make him happy and just laughing by himself and he dont know what the others feel and dont really care about it. Mute would be awesome


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        yeah mute is I think is the more appropriate approach, but then again a temporary solution..I dunno but before this screenshot there is someone whose name is BrotherVT that I know is an ex-mod on the server..I don't know if he saw this.
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          This person has been reported and is being dealt with. Thanks. the GM's are working hard and can't be helping every single player out 24/7.

          I suggest next time using the ticket system to report players who are breaking the rules.

          Very busy lately, for any moderator help please PM me!

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