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Can someone hacked account? coz mine just got hacked

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  • Can someone hacked account? coz mine just got hacked

    Can someone who knows your email hacked your CS account? because this morning my char been hacked. someone logged in then took all the gold and valuable items and left non valuable items. and it seems like its been done by someone i knew. i cant prove anything thats why i wont mentioning any names here, but the R2 staffs can traces thru IP Address of the hacker / thief then connecting those IP to certain person that i am very sure they are very familiar with.

    Its not about the items, eventho its worth 130 platinum. but its about the feeling of security playing this game. now i dont feel secure at all.

    I really hope the thing that happened here with me not happening to any of you guys. I oredi filed ticket for this, so I really hope R2 GM can help me out to find who did this.

    THank you very much.

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    Set a character lock to your character next time.
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      then what the use of entering id and password to begin with? now char lock, then next what, finger print scan? retina scan? adding more things up doesnt solve things like this. its an act of thievery and now what im doing is of course reporting this matter to the police, in this matter its R2 GM. they can traced the thief even if he/she hid themself in alts. but its all trackable and eventually, if R2 willing to, they can reach the main of those alts and do proper and fit punishment.


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        even though i would love to blame it on r2, but i think its your own problem
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          what you saying just doesnt makes any sense loveshay....


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            Originally posted by klowour16 View Post
            what you saying just doesnt makes any sense loveshay....

            your responsible for the security of your own account. if you account shared or forgot to log out somewhere, had a user and pass name happy123 - then yes its your the one at fault. R2 isn't at fault by any means. only whoever wrongly accessed the account can be blamed here. you'll need to file a ticket &prove your identity. if they are still on the acc they can lock it down for you then. if the character was deleted you probably wont get the character back if you were account sharing and such


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              erm, i dont share my account with anyone.... what i mean knows my email is my email name, not my email id and pass ....
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                Lol with character lock anyone who access you account can't access your character so no one can hack your character items....
                Even if they tried to change your account password, u can always forget password and get a new password via email. Soooo best is to set a lock next time. Happy tracking down.
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                  This is the person that just hacked into my account, i managed to tracked em down. the hacker is nothing but the super casher, rayzen cain, aka s38 41Shots. but i know no matter how or why, R2 wont make any move on her since shes one of their biggest income, so why bother just to banned while she still can make money for them

                  Im posting up all of the evidences here just to let you all know that this is what actually happening in the game. instead of taking action on theivery and hacking act that she did, R2 accused me to violating TOS instead. But i really do understand, this is all just business. and for you all that dont know, this is what she really did and ive proven em all in no time.

                  Basically, i know this 41Shots, we communicating thru various ways outside the game, including email. thru email someone actually can tracked down your IP Address. 41Shots lives in [removed]. and thru her email, the IP address shown as below :


                  you can see i still put some censored to prevent ip leaking into media, but GM R2 knows the uncensored version. Anyway, after i lost my items, total worth is like around 100 - 130 platinum, leaving just some useless items. i found out that inside the account info, you can see last IP ADDRESS that just accessed the account. based on that, i took the screenshot and this is the result as shown below :


                  As you can see, both are the same, and if you use or any IP Locator Websites, you can easily tracked em down and see where the location of that IP ADDRESS. and the location of that IP ADDRESS IS :


                  Now you all oredi know the truth about who actually HACKED my account. I never shared with anyone but R2 keep making excuses about things just to prevent their gold mine got banned. After this maybe this thread will be closed by R2, or i might get deleted or banned like the rest of ppl in my servers that dissapear without proper explanation. but i really dont care. the truth is out and its you people that can judge now.

                  I might be NOBODY, unlike 41shots that been SUPER CASHER, but at least i got myself in the right path. She hacked my account, stole my valuables. thats it. nothing can justify her behaviour but seems like thats not the case for R2. But like I said, whos gonna make money if she got banned

                  Delete me, make me gone, but you can make the truth gone.

                  Thank you


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                    To answer your original question, if someone knows your email address then yes, they could potentially access your character if they gain access to your email account because that is where the password reset is sent to.

                    To remind the community once again- do not share any of your account information with anyone. Don't give out your email address if it's used as a login for accounts, and that's not just to protect pixels- it's also to protect any banking or personal account linked to that address.

                    You sent in a ticket already, so I'm closing this thread. If you need additional help with your ticket, please send a forum message to ShadowGammaDraco.
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