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zodiac after RB?

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  • zodiac after RB?

    i just became level 50 scion and when i look up the zodiac window, i notice that i can get all other benefits except 10k hp. can anyone tell me why this happened? and what should i do to claim that 10k hp again. thanks a lot.
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    It's was already included in, so you dun have to worry about it.
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      my hp when level 49 is 42k, my hp now is 42k? did you mean that even if i RBed and i can't access zodiac window that 10k is added to my HP?


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        It's likely to be added once when it was first activated but you can check if you remove all your equipment, mount and fairy and title bonus. Unless you have a soul that is giving you 10k HP, you should be able to see if the HPs are there


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          Level 50 is required for zodiac, even for rebirthed characters.
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