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Evidence of selling gold for real money(Told yah it was big!)

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    Lol, I've sent them in already and they just close my and delete my tickets. What could you do? Oh yeah, nothing.


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      As of right now in S64 Purgatory, XVII has been spamming "buying smart load. WM FAST" and I've been reporting it every time he/she posts. R2 just deletes my tickets and doesn't ban this asshat. So it just goes to show that R2 doesn't care, and I guess they like it when people are scammed and ripped off.


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        I'm not sure if there's a way to really wipe and stop gold buying.. as long as there is trading in the game and well... a market, i'm sure there will always be gold trading... i never knew it would lead to that much though... 20,000 pesos is a lot... that's like a whole semester's tuition fee in a private university hahahahaha