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Zodiac Monster... unfair to physical attacker :(

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  • Zodiac Monster... unfair to physical attacker :(

    i notice that the zodiac monster is very hard to kill by a knight and assasin because it has a skill that you cant attack him.. while mage and priest can easily kill it..

    i hope gm can make it fair to those knight and assasins to kill it also... that skill of the zodiac monster is very unfair for those knight and assains
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    True) but i think they can't change it.


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      Im pretty sure you just need more Soul dev.


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        Rogues are a high dps class, its not that hard to beat it.
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          I'm a lv76 priest, its not easily beaten but yes i can solo and have been able to for some time now. It is fair. I hit like my baby panda with it's tiny branch BUT I get perks of heal and pure of heart. You can whine about how your class can't do everything or work on bettering your character instead.. but hey it's your choice how you spend your time.


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            Engulf stops magic attacks too.
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              Originally posted by Vivio View Post
              Engulf stops magic attacks too.
              Its not just the physical attackers, mage and priest also can't buff for the duration of that debuff.


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                the whole idea behind it is to make people have to join party to kill it... im a rogue and i use the skill that purges negative statuses every so often, combined with some health orbs and lvl 75 hp pot and the thing goes down in no time. u just gotta get stronger.


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                  get a pet with purification(my fl has it )....... it works like charm in there put the pet on follow .. as soon as u get the debuff frm zb chge it frm follow to atk mode so ur pet can use purification and make it back to follow .... and one more thing remove ur gear ( not all) so that the amount of hp damge recieved can atleast a little be covered by ur potion and use blessed stone ^_^ thats how i do it