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r2 idiots

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  • r2 idiots

    so earlier today my player was muted for using the word hump in a sentence. seemingly understandable to outsiders. but why the ♥♥♥♥ s my player muted for usingthe word hump, while other players, at the exact same time, are talking about ♥♥♥♥ and♥♥♥♥, ♥♥♥♥ while ... u get the point. im the only one to get muted, while having no participation in the conversation. thanks to you ♥♥♥♥ part time wanna be moderators that camp a server for 20 minutes a day and mute the ppl that seem to make one minor slip up, screenshot their words but you do nothing about the other players that talk about more "forbidden topics" right in front of your face. ive done some research and found that these ppl talking ♥♥♥♥ in world chat that didnt get muted are players that have helped these noob mod toons get items like hw fs dc etc... while these mods play on other servers... s4 maybe... so heres a big shout out to you who muted my player for 1440 minutes for something not worthy of such a punishment, youve ruined my ability to play the game and collect anything from buffs to dungeon drops to crypt codes... and you idiots are the reason crystal saga is a failure. try listening to players suggestions and forwarding the ones that actually matter, and stop bending the will of the developers to match your personal preferences. go ahead and chirp back in defense with an unbiased attitude, you cant fool me. im expecting compensation for my toon that was muted... and hey guess what if you dont... no big deal to r2 because if never spent a dime here... and i never will. now you know why. damn fools. youve ****** me off beyond belief and i will not forgive you.
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    You said it yourself, you haven't spend a dime on CS and at the same time as for ToS you don't own anything in the game. So because of this reasons you don't have the right to rage and call people idiots just because you got muted in something you have done by yourself. In my somewhat deserve to be punished.


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      and your comment proves you know nothing of the circumstance or the english language.


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        you think vip players get treated special? no. vip players are nothign to r2. they care about nobody. except "whales" aka big spenders.


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          I don't need to be well versed in english language just to diss you. I don't have have.

          BTW..Mr. Mod, it's a useless thread..please close it to prevent more rage.
          Last edited by ValariusXT; 07-18-2013, 12:05 AM. Reason: Saying goodbye...


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            I've spent cash on here and I'm VIP. Nobody gets special treatment for cashing or spending except the occasional rebate on someone who cashes the most on their entire server. The problem is you're not reporting the people who are doing all this dirty talking and you did get reported. Not only this but if a mod goes afk and you just happen to say something illegal when they get back or aren't offline you will get punished as opposed to someone who says something while nobody is online or doesn't get reported. You see this going on then report them. Don't whine about your problem to the forum because nobody is going to help you here. Send in a ticket, they will eventually resolve it or tell you to buzz off in a kindly manor. Start reporting them if it bothers you so bad.
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              There are no game mods. There are Forum Mods who can't mute anyone ingame (nor do we get any other special privileges or items ingame), and there are GMs. What most likely happened here is someone took a screenshot of your line and sent it in a ticket, resulting in you being muted for using inappropriate words in chat.

              It does not matter if everyone else is doing it- you and you alone are responsible for every line you send into chat. You can take a screenshot of the other lines that are against the rules of chat and send them in a ticket, too.

              If you wish to discuss this further, please send in a ticket to
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