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Lvl 130 Holy Skill

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  • Lvl 130 Holy Skill

    The lvl 130 holy skill for priest is bugged. It said deal damage to enemies, but when you use the skill, it either stun or hurt the caster but not the mobs.
    Can you fix it?
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    im having the same problem but my 130 holy skill doing alot more then, i have had it applied bleeds for 10 sec doing 4k-60k a sec, i have had it stun me also has it give the speed burst that u randomly get in crypt and i also have the slow and i have also had it apply the knights debuff on me and about every 10 casts it actually heals the group and does damage to the enemies like it supposed to


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      Lvl 130 Holy skill for priest is extremely stupid to begin with. Giving you heal and attack boost when your HP is below 50%? How stupid is that? Being a sane player with sane playing ethic, there's no way i would let my HP drop below 50%, let alone angel blessing skill that regenerates 10% of my HP every 10 seconds, making this skill fairly useless.

      BTW i pick the blood skill 130 one, although it's also glitched for whatever reasons
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        thats our 140 skill ur talking about R24656887 we are talking about the lvl 130 on that supposed to heal ur allies and damage ur enemies all it does it debuff allies


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          allow me to clarify some things about the skill as I've already reported the issue...
          currently it is bugged to proc you and your allies equip passives such as sperion combo and frag
          the speed boost you are "getting" as well as slow down debuff is most likely from your sperion or a nearby ally
          the only plus side to the procing passives on yourself is the fact that you can also proc frost and inundation freely as well as being the only heal skill to proc demonic gift ie atk speed buff
          (of course you're also more likely to get debuffs such as sunder, stun, slowdown, etc)
          as for the radius of the skill, if you read, it says 300 radius. This is slightly smaller than any curse radius hence the seemingly not hit any targets feel.
          The only reason why you got debuffed rather than mobs is just due to chance.
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