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    hello is there any server that has a time zone with pakistan becuz im having problems with the events plss answer k

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    Crystal Saga only provides servers in the EDT and PDT (east and west North America) time zones.
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      play saga of hero, or crystal legacy. (exact same game only better) and also closer to your time zone.


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        If it's better, why still play here? Don't be one of those people who say that and use the excuse of "I invested a lot of money and time on my toon already." :c
        The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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          Other versions of this game are 100% for cashers, they have no events that u can use alts, there dungeons only drop bind items, all there event items are bind.


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            lol another person asking why not play there? u gotta be kidding. im not even gonna answer that question... use ur head.

            the answer is in the op.