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  • slackers

    so when will R2 release pet souls?
    when will r2 do something to make seng better for all players, like players have requested for a very long time?
    when will r2 fix the gem exchange to make it so we can do it in bulk?
    when will r2.... u get the point.

    will r2 only do these things if they can find some twisted way to make money off it? because i havent seen r2 do jack **** unless its profitable... and its pretty annoying.

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    disrespectful to all players, r2 is. talk like yoda, i do sometimes.


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      all those topics and more deserve answers. official answers.


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        They still have alot of different things they are planning to release, or trying to fix... Like possibly new world bosses dungeons and such, As-well as fixing the glitched skills it takes some time.
        Hopefully they will start working on some ideas.
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          hopefully they will release the damn pet souls soon, its taken more than long enough. they tell us to keep soul crystal in our vault for safe keeping, just so we waste vault space? lol


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            Yea, we keep it in our vault and they should at least increase 3-4 pages for vaults then...
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              I want them to fix the skills first, guys ill tell u all this, unless u got a pet with 50kpatk/matk, they basically become useless after a certain point. Character power outshines them so bad that they dont compete. Even my BA with 20k matk does 1's on most players on my server, only the silence is useful, the heal does 30k, but with 500k hp thats worthless aswell. And with all the new ways to become immune to negative effects even pets are worthless expect in ladder. So dont put to much effort into a pet that after 2-3months hits 1's on everyone on server except mortals. Focus on your own stats and not pets, on other versions, people rarely have pets, because they are just useless.


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                maybe they wont be useless if they release pet souls!


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                  Well personally I'd love it if they fixed old bugs...
                  and gave us a bulk option....
                  and fixed seng...
                  and released pet souls...
                  and fixed avernal which we've been complaining about since perfect frag came out...
                  and came up with a better system for warning players of emergency maintenance (no, a system message in chat isn't enough when chat's being flooded with actual player messages. Personally, I think a giant countdown with a minimum 30 min warning would be appropriate. No emergency is justified for only 10 min warning except for one-the servers blowing up. Other than that, it can wait 30 mins so people have time to finish their ladders/events).

                  I also think it's about time we had some form of a mark of god event. Handbook's been out for a while already and it's getting ignored - it's actually easier to work on the new beast soul than it is to work on monster handbook (for free players, I mean) because every monster except the first line requires mark of god and right now there's no way to get it except cashing. I don't care if they don't put it into a permanent event, but it'd be nice if we finally got at least a weekly event that would let us get some - at the very least they could have added it to the points event so that the cashers that do exist help promote the item into the market.
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                    yep, and all those thigns are just the tip of the iceberg. and now they have to fix these bugged skills, well number 1, they shouldve tested it before releasing it. 2 its been like a month now, so they should stop slacking. if they didnt screw themselves up like this they wouldnt be so far behind because of their own screw ups, and they wouldnt have an excuse to neglect the game.


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                      Don't forget the Mount Food, All these soul crystals are filling up your inventory and it's extremely useless. I really don't understand why won't r2games put the mount food synthesis in the game, and instead only giving us lessed mount food, the nerfing on this feature is absolutely ridiculous and idiotic. I mean really ? 20 % (which I assume the max of mount food limit) increase on mount is Ultra Extreme Hyper Ultimate Godly Idiotic Overpowered ? really ? hmm....

                      Mount food is a super old feature that has been implemented in every crystal game, of course except the ones that are copying from r2games...


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                        Don't forget the pvp gear as well. Still lvl80 Slayer...


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                          this is the welfare version lmao