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How long take to get the VIP with DaoPay phone payment option?

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  • How long take to get the VIP with DaoPay phone payment option?

    i did a payment with DaoPay 40 minutes ago, and still dont have my VIP. does it take many hours or something like that? need do something in the site or email? anyone have experience with it? thank you.

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    If this is your first payment it would take up to 12 hours.


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      12 hours for vip? this is my third purchase of crystals, and my 1st of VIP. is normal taking so much time like this? >_< ty


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        If it fully and successfully processed your payment for VIP, you should have it pretty soon. If you don't, please send in a ticket to
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          i already send a ticket, they told me there is some delay payment problem, but its fixed, and my vip is alredy delivered, but its NOT. i opened another ticket, asking where is my vip and why it take too long to deliver...dont understand why this aways happen to me, everywhere...devils are following me , that is it ¬¬