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  • VIP problem

    i gifted vip to player named zxc but he doesnt have vip yet the money came out of my bank. I also did not get an email when the transaction went thru. I have no idea how to file a ticket for this issue. It asks questions I have no answer for.

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    Its possible you gifted to the wrong player or purchased it for yourself by mistake, best i can advice is for you to submit a ticket and explain your situation.
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      Thank you I figured out how to place a ticket. I make one just now. I gift to correct person I am sure, there is only one ZXC character on s61 but I understand it is easy to gift to wrong person. My bank does not say what account the charge was for I hope r2 can tell me. I use a different bank account for my personal VIP. When u gift VIP it does not renew monthly does it? I really hope not. I gift VIP to many people but they all going to have to wait till we figure this out before I gift more VIP. ZXC tell me system tell her she already has VIP and can not renew at this time but she stand right next to me and she has no VIP. The transaction did not go thru till much later and I did not get confirmation email to the billing email. This conserns me very much.


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        They will be able to sort it all out in your ticket.

        To answer your other question, yes gifted VIP does auto-renew when using a payment method that allows it. The person you are gifting should be someone you trust enough to cancel the VIP on their own page, or you can send in a ticket and include the character, server, payment method, and payment email with the request to cancel.
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