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I never get whats inside my lvling gift...

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  • I never get whats inside my lvling gift...

    I never receive the items inside the lvling gift..
    Not going to pay for vip till i have this bug fixed...
    Anoying to open a gift promissing items you never received ..

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    When you hover over the pack, you'll see it says you will only get one item and then the items are listed.

    You should see when you click on it that you do indeed get one item from the pack.
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      Originally posted by wayoff420 View Post
      I never receive the items inside the lvling gift..
      Not going to pay for vip till i have this bug fixed...
      Anoying to open a gift promissing items you never received ..
      This is on what Server? the mod, devs or gm will check it on your server.


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        Ya its only 1 item. Althought i have leveled prolly 50 characters and never 1 time in all that lvling (prolly 200-300packs) got a single shining equip piece, and no1 i have asked has ever got 1 either.


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          The shining pieces from the beginning levels? I got those three times before. o_o
          The weapon, the necklace and the body once.
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            I know people can get them, just saying like everything else R2 says is %chance its a lie aswell. If all that stuff is a 25% chance how can people level 100 characters get a health orb 85-90 outta the 100 times. Wish R2 would just stop lieing about % chance to get items and stuff. Same with all things, says you have a chance to recieve blah blah, but its like 2-3% chance to get good items 98% chance to get the bad ones, but they word it so you think its a even draw.

            Little tip, NEVER EVER EVER UNDER any circumstances spend xtal on a pack that has a chance to get 1 good item and 2-3 bad. Even if that good item is amazing, because its % is like 2-3% vs the 98% of others.


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              It never said anywhere that chances are distributed evenly so I would say its fair. We're just automatically assuming that its an equal chance when we were never told so.
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                Let me just say this... I've been on S62 since it opened and I've done the day in vidalia everyday since I got to level 40 and I've only gotten the Dragon Sword twice, Shining Gem coupon twice and the rest have been nothing but health orbs, mana orbs and 1 hour afk cards. Once I threw away 9 stacks of health orbs and mana orbs because my reserves are full, I decided to a) never do that quest again. ever. b) quit the server.

                Also, with any pack you get where there is more than 1 item available, you will always get the worst item in the pack, it's how R2 makes their money from you.


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                  Well you cant say always.

                  My friend opened 3 pet upgrade packs and got 150 maturity stones.
                  Really good because he was on a generally new server.

                  And it never said chances were equally distributed to the items in the packs.
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