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booted off server

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  • booted off server

    do you think you could possibly look into why we are being booted off of the aquatic crypts server? 3 times so far I have been booted out after I go into the excelorn hollows. then it takes me like 20 minutes to get logged back in.

    seriously...I pay to have extra runs in the dungeons but i am not able to even finish a dungeon run today because it keeps crashing. time to cancel my payments and move to a game that is worth the trouble
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    Don't use Chrome while you open alts with multiple tabs! Use 2 accts on chrome, 2 on ie and 2 on firefox will work


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      >.> I don't use chrome so that is a non issue. and I typically only have one tab up >.> so that is a non issue as well. total **** that no one has even tried to respond to this...I mean mods or admins. this is an issue on R2 side. I have the fastest available internet speed and have never had an issue with this much lag. im experiencing up to a 6 second lag at times. like I said...on R2 side


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        I apologize for not responding to you over the weekend. I was very busy with real life stuff so I was pretty distant from the forums.
        In any case, let's get back on point.
        Besides you, is there anyone else experiencing this issue?
        If this is just an issue for a select few, including yourself, then no, it's not on R2's side.
        The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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          I can't login in server. is there any problem happening? because im loading for 15 mins and can't connect to server. v.v help please