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    I just recharged twice for $5 (1st accidentally, needed $10, so just added 5 more) and my bank account is ~$10 less now. I know I should wait for 12 hours because this was my 1st recharge. So it's ok with this payment for now.

    But then I tried to buy VIP, and there was nothing, not even money withdrawn from my acc. I have 200 UAH inet-payment monthly limit, but it's a bit more than $20, so I don't think it was a source of the problem.

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    I think it's some technical problem. In "Subscription" window with text "Ваш текущий способ оплаты" ("Your current payment way" or someth) and my credit card number I pressed "Подтвердить" ("Confirm"). Then under text "Спасибо, <my name>! Ваш способ оплаты обновлен к: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" ("Thank you! Your payment way is updated to:") I pressed "Закрыть" ("Close"). And then just nothing happened. On it's just empty window, and on main window remains grayed out. Tried both Chrome and Firefox. I use Linux, maybe it's a problem? But I don't have any Windows machine. Can you solve my problem somehow?


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      Ok, I installed Windows into Virtualbox, and tried it from there. In IE after pressing "Close" button even that window with this button wasn't close. In FF sympthoms are the same with Linux version. Didn't try to install Chrome in virtual Windows.

      P.S. Can I have any answer here, or should I place a ticket instead?
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        Birader you shouldnt buy crystal or spend money here.. theres scandal did you even read the forum.. the mods are deleting things too
        I love myself.


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          For me it's ok now. I posted a ticket, and my problem is solved. And anyway I didn't spend much.