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why everytime i o log in i keep downloading and downling and downloading any wanna

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  • why everytime i o log in i keep downloading and downling and downloading any wanna

    help mw out here guys whenever i log in i keep downloading and downloading

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    What game is this? Downloading what?
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      Are you referring to the constant "Infinity %" part?
      You may have to clear your browser's cookies/cache/history for it to fully function, again.
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        I'm experienceing the same problem I went to change maps in crystal saga and it loads to 94% then hangs there indefinatly. And yes I have cleared my browser cache and yes I have restarted my computer and no neither of these fixed the problem. I have created another character on that account and this character loads fine so it appears to be linked specifically to that character and I'm told that it shows me as logged in while its hanging there.

        Edit: I now have 2 chars stuck there so it is definatly the location... sever 42 kyamo mountian map.
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          This THREAD that I have linked to you isn't specifically for your problem, however, you could try to see if one of the following sections of that thread will assist you in fixing that.
          If that doesn't help, then come back and I'll be sure to try my best to get that fixed.
          The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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            No none of that was useful... I can log in any other character I have access too without a problem and play the game just fine. But as soon as I attempt to enter the kyamo mountain map the loading screen sticks at 94%. So it is clearly at least from my point of view a server issue. if you wanna recreate my exact scenario that has 2 characters trapped in limbo create a character on server 42 and enter kyamo mountain in L3 coming from kaspya beach. Try it just for giggle and let me know if it loads fine for you.


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              you could be under attack- that's a pvp map, which could cause some delays in loading/ get you stuck


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                this has been going on for 6 hours now with me checking in every few hours.. I've let it sit for 20 mins at a time and still nothing I'm sure someone would have killed me within that time.

                EDIT: Just for the record going on day 2 now and still the same problem but only with the 2 characters that I ran to the kyamo mountain map. I can still play the game fine with any other character I create. If you need any more information concerning the problem just let me know Ill be here....

                EDIT: Also for the record I have submitted an official ticket 301002 but I doubt this is going to get resolved anytime soon or at minimum before my weekend ends.

                EDIT: Ok... I found a workaround but its annoying as all hell. If I load in chrome and leave kyamo it does the same loading problem going to the next map. But if I then load in IE it loads up fine with me sitting at the next map and runs fine untill I try to return to kyamo at which time I have to relog in chrome. Its becomming too much like work to play this game lol.
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