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Viper Touch server?

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  • Viper Touch server?

    I haven't played in about a year and now I can't find my server with my Level 50 character.... Why is this??? (Played on Viper Touch)

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    Viper Touch? Did you come from Joyopark? If that's the case, Joyopark and R2 Games worked together in order to transfer the accounts from Joyopark to here in order for players to continue playing.
    If you were not participating during that transfer, then there's nothing that can be done.
    Your best bet is trying to file a ticket HERE after you make a new character on a new server, one that isn't the same name as your Viper Touch character name, and seeing what they can do for you.
    I can't promise that you will get your character back, so good luck to you.
    This THREAD was specifically for the Joyopark players.
    The King doesn't fall so easily boys