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This pet consider good enough?

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  • This pet consider good enough?

    Ok,I just started the game 3hours ago(got my annivessary pack) and I happen to caught a mutant bear cub(with a charm skill.

    So my question is,this pet consider good enough with health boost(15% hp boost),endurance 6% boost skill along with charm skill?For me it look like a really supportive pet(sad,it can't heal like a mutant vulture).
    I asked in world chat and a guy told me it sucks and told me to delete or sold it to him for 10s. really?bad pet for a knight?

    Off topic,
    Did r2 disable the ability to link players name?
    I try [r^name^] but no longer worked,I tried asking in world chat but eh..everyone were afk.

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    Yea your pet have great skill, just probably because of the maturity and the aptitude that probably ruin the pet and that's why the guy said throw away.
    Its good if u show us a ss of the pet.
    However it's best to invest on a teeka which provides healing, buffs and stun (innate) skill which is preferably good for all classes. Including knights.

    What do you mean link player names? Like NPC names or what? If it's, just shift click the NPC and it will appear in the chat box.
    The [something^words u wanna say^something] are only eligible if the something is either a, n or f( forgot if it's n and f). Like [a^welcome^a] will look like welcome(in a different colour) go try it.
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      Hm,I'm using ipad right now so I can't take a SS until tomorrow.

      I tried 30eggs on teeka but still no luck on hatching one.
      I'm thinking of getting the so call demon king?heard it got stun or a burning angel(angel,really?) since it got healing aoe.
      But which one will ya recommend?

      What I mean was in the past,you could link a player name for other player to view using something like [r^playername^] then it will show as a link.
      I will try [r^name^r].

      Solution for my second question about linking players name solved.
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        Wow 30 for teeka, that's pretty UN unlucky. Well then get baby panda or teddy bear in the fate shop when they sell it. They have teeka skills

        I would recommend you to take burning angel since it heals and stun, better then dk. Also u might wanna equip topaz gem into its weapon in the future so take BA. Since u need ruby for yourself. However the down side of trying to get Ba is that you need a fire lord. It's compulsory and FL takes about 80+ eggs to hatch if you are lucky enough though. And also 600 morph crystals to morph a super angel to burning angel.

        Anyways u might wanna get guardian angel, which is after the morph form of burning angel. Overall getting DK or BA is a tedious and tiem consuming process. Good luck to you
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          They disabled the ability to link players after players started abusing it to bypass swear filter and well...speak inappropriately in chat
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            @wei,didn't know that consider bad luck though xD..all my guildies manage to hatch teeka around 5-10eggs.
            As for panda,is it 100% success?

            Yay!I gave up my cub bear and went for fire lord ATM,manage to hatched it at 90.
            Well,the bad side was I still can't morphed a super angel .

            @sithe, ah..there's abusing :O damn *sad face*


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              Yes bad bad luck. And congrats on your fire lord =) that's pretty amazing. And yes panda and teddy are 100% success. You buy it it's yours but for now, it's not available till they wanna sell it again.

              Normally it's take 100+ mc to morph into SA then 600+mc for Ba the another more 1000+ mc for GA not sure if it's 1000+
              Good luck to morphing a GA ^~^
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                Yipee,FL(try morphing with SA but keep failing >.>" 3star atm) is a really fun pet to used.
                I's..just amazing for my knight.Got a teeka for my priest,should i get a SD(aint going for dk on an alt :3) for it instead of teeka?

                Aw,i saw some players running around with panda(adult-looks like some sort of rocker) but never seen a teddy(LOL) yet.
                Guess i gonna buy more Mc for a BA(rip off) then xD haha.

                Second question:
                Should i focus on mount too?So far i got battle bear,bought some Gmuts and stuck at 7 star atm for titan(look awesome (@(-(@) )
                And how about wings?Haven't bothered upgrading it yet ,so jelous at those scion with demigod wings. *cry*

                Thanks for the info :3


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                  WOw what server are you playing uh. Items over there look cheap
                  Btw did you get your pet reward for teeka and Baby angel??? If you did then good or else go take it
                  Nah just stay on teeka for now and teeka have great skill. SD skills isn't that great and you should keep those mc for your SA.

                  Yes panda adult is the last form which gives level 4 innate skills which is awesome( dun have to spent moeny upgrading them to level 4 =)) and teddy are golden teddy bear( same as panda adult final form).
                  Yea, BA is definitely a rip off though but it is worth the effort

                  Yes you should up your mount, titan takes about 15-20 clicks or 11stars. Whichever you are lucky. Erm... Wings should be fine if you can solo those dungeons at your level(And since your a knight, tanking aint a problem) So hunt/farm them instead of buying it. Save those money for mc and gmuts. And do remember to fuse 5 soul shards per day and get your soul upgraded. It helps you tremdously!

                  No problem. Kindness begets kindness ^~^
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                    :3 actually all materials were bought using crystal(my dad credits card and i payed him back using cash xD)except muts/hw since I can got em cheaply for 2s and 50s each.Wait,there are pet rewards? O.O I don't recall that event master ever give rewards for having those pets.

                    I'm on server 63 since it was sort of new and fits my timezone perfectly(event like delivery,seng,gr) the item price here were ok,at least hw didn't go for 1g each like in the past .

                    :O damn,I want panda now!!!
                    Level 35 right now with good enough pet and an alt priest,could dual vault hard(tried nightmare..can't kill vega the mad xD).


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                      Oh I see. Hahaz dun cash too much xD
                      Yes there is free mc whips or maturity stones for hatching a FL, BA/BD Teeka and many more. Different pet or Morphs have different rewards. Go check them out! Hehez if hw are cheap for you, then u could invest some in it using gold. Never use xtals for buying mut or hw.

                      Hahaz too bad, there are not available currently xP. Also you probably need about 100+ mc to get the final form of panda adult or golden teddy bear.

                      Yup it's a good match in doing Dungeons. Attack and heal. Well if you need more help do ask. Im here to assist =)
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                        Right,I need to stopped cashing a bit.Might just stop right now and slowly working on a Ab as a non casher.
                        Yah,I search google a bit on how to make gold and found a really nice pc guide one pc=one gold.One gold= two hw or around 50muts :3.Except ew/gmuts but ew is quite cheap though 4g each while I'm gaining around 50g daily.

                        Cool rewards @.@,thanks for the info gonna get it tomorrow .
                        Haha at least,it's cheaper to morph than a Dk,Ba *cry*
                        And....and it got all level 4 skill D: damn.The Tauren pet look cool too but oh we'll,I started late and missed it.

                        Yah,I'll.In game chat had a lot of guild "drama" so I tend to avoid asking in game.


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                          Hahaz maybe you should sell pc at around 2g. That's good enough though.

                          You're welcome Hahaz just to clarify, the first 3 innate skill are level 4, the rest u have to up it yourself but it's not that tedious.
                          Ooo that's a pity. Actually the last form for tauren pet is actually demon king. Same skill but different look only.

                          Oh, but u can ask here =))
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                            Oh and u can too get mount rewards at event master. Once you hit level 45, u can get 28 gmuts if u have a battle bear ^^ so happy forging GT
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                              Pc price are around 1.5g atm.

                              I made another ranger alt(used to love ranger in all game) got him a teeka also(LOL) and I'm wondering should I get heart of Eden for both my priest and ranger?Though ain't getting for knight since shield works better.