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    So, when are you guys at R2 going to fix the drop rate for FSE? I've been running Rv Nm everyday for the last 18 days and I have only gotten 1 FSE. In fact, I am the only person on S64 that is over level 45 that doesn't even have a frag weapon (because they don't drop). Good way to show us players and customers you care about us.

    I'd also like to ask why I've failed to upgrade my bb to gt 4 times and I'm still at 0 stars? And why I only get health and mana orbs from my day in vidalia packs? Should I keep on expecting this type of disappointment?
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    1. You may have bad luck getting FSE, but it doesn't seem like everyone else has that problem. If you have such an issue, then you can buy them on the market or make more alts in order to farm RV NM. They do drop, they dropped very often for me, you just seem to don't have that luck on your side.

    2. When failing to morph your mount, it obviously gives you a random amount added to your bar. It's not always going to give you a star every time you fail.

    3. Yet again, you're not the only person who receives only Health and Mana orbs. I would actually want those at a lower level so I can farm more often in dungeons and such without having to waste so much money on potions at a low level. I've received my fair share of Gold badges, Dragon swords, White Tigers, etc.

    4. With that attitude, yes you should.
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