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    So, when are you guys at R2 gonna fix the lag you get in Guessing Game? Or are you guys that ignorant that you don't care to fix it? Or are you that incompetent that you cannot fix it? I hope you douchebags at R2 go bankrup since you idiots are too ignorant, incompetent and stupid to fix the **** that needs fixing.

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    For one thing, posting mean and threatening things to R2 on the forums gets nothing accomplished. They ignore you. If you want to be heard by the Mods or GMs then you need to be productive.

    Second is that the lag in GG has been explained over and over. There is always lag with Torches. The longer the torch and the more people the torch can handle the worse the lag is. Add the amount of people that attend the GG into the torch situation, and you have massive lag.

    What R2 needs to work on is the lag on all the servers period. Not just in the GG but everywhere. Then the lag during events would be greatly lessened.
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      To reduce lag, add more timeslots for events throughout the day so different people get in different timing with only one attempt and lag is tremendously reduced like iob for example
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        or in hideplayers hide the player entirely ie name ,pet sperion etc that ll reduce the lag entirely
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          This issue have been addressed so many times but this is the one issue that they can't do nothing about. sigh*
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            Ok, so why is there no lag in IoB, Hellstorm, or Sengolia but only Guessing Game? They can do something about it, the coders are just too incompetent to know how to fix it, just like every other thing that's wrong with the game that has been addressed.