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Do Sacred Fruit effects stay after rebirth?

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  • Do Sacred Fruit effects stay after rebirth?

    I have a sacred fruit of agility made and I will be rebirthing soon. I know that when you rebirth, your attribute points are reset. Will the points gained through the fruit still be there after I rebirth? Or will they be lost to oblivion? Thanks!

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    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha it will obviously stay permanently!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like soul development (=:
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      hahahahahaha, you could be a little more polite about it. It is a valid question and I am looking for clarification from someone who knows, not someone who is assuming and mocking the question.


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        its not like R2 makes this game themselves, so if they didn't get a easy interface that kept track of what you invested for players to use. then you'd have to create a new character and compare if the base stats are the same or use math to deduct what you can see(soul etc) then compare with a new character. but yes, the stats should stay. maybe we should make a suggestion for a interface or updated interface that shows players what we have consumed and not just GM's being able to see what we've used. but that would depend on the community putting forth the proper assertive& supportive effort, and still isn't a promise it would change because R2 doesn't make the game themselves.
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          Thank you slithe, that was exactly my concern! That is why I brought it here, hoping that a mod may have a better answer, seeing as they would hopefully either have a better knowledge of the issue or be able to find out for sure one way or the other.