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Mount leveling

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  • Mount leveling

    After making a mount lvl20 i see it can still get more pc's (20 more feeds!) Does it get any more upgrades on stats or not worth to feed it more! I've seen it gets the bonus on stats per lvl and it can't get any more lvls!


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    Level 20 is maxed you can't feed it more,u can still get more mount points with mount food.


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      You didn't understand what i'm saying! At lvl19 mount needs 19 times to feed it to go lvl20! After it becomes lvl20 it can be feeded 20 more times but it don't get any lvl! what i'm asking is if you feed it those 2o more times the stats will increase or no!


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        No the stats will not change, the reasion for it at lv 20 to be feed the extra 20 times is so you can get the title "Mount master" which is for maxing the pet which means getting it to lv 20 and feeding it the extra 20 times. Personally just buy a turtle feed is 230 pcs and you got the title that way you dont waste your pcs on 20 extra clicks on a mount that could be upgraded!
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          Ok ty and still got the title without doing the extra ones