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pls unbind my account

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  • pls unbind my account

    pls unbind my account Gm's. thanks! my ticket number is 729286. pls pls

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    any gm pls?

    this acct is what i want to be unbound, not the #1 post (my alt)

    up up up. GMs pls help!

    GMs GMs GMs GMs GMs GMs

    my account is bound to my email address. pls unbind it, i read you can do that
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      Sorry for the very late reply, DinosaurLife.
      I will forward your issue now.
      The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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        thanks man


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          ei pls? cmoonnn


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            Please help i can't login my account it say... 404 not found

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              now i cant log in anymore? it says 404 not found. whats this?

              please unbind my account

              GM pls unbind my account

              GM pls unbind my account pls

              duuuudes. please unbind my account!
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                i cant log in my account


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                  DinosaurLife, you need to send in a ticket to to make your request.
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                    already did yesterday, still nothing there


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                      yo yo. up up.