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Just noticed mini wolf?

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  • Just noticed mini wolf?

    Just leveled to 50 last night and did my first zodiac quest, and i logged in this morning to notice i have a little mini wolf following me around that i didn't notice before...WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!?

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    Erm.. What sever?Because when I leveled I didn't have one.. So .. and does it look like a pet..?
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      [S64]Purgatory, not sure if it was from leveling or not, that's just the only thing that's changed, it's like a little mini wolf pet that follows me around, it's slightly smaller than a single side of my wings


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        Once you reach Lv. 50, you unlock extra content of the game. That is known as Beast Soul which is what your mini wolf is.
        Normally to see it, you will need to relog.
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            ty for the info!