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Quest Bug - Rebirth Expedition/Crystal Ladder Ladder Challange

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  • Quest Bug - Rebirth Expedition/Crystal Ladder Ladder Challange

    It's happened to me several times this week on different characters so I've lost out on getting my reward from either the ladder quest or the rebirth quest. Thought it was me but it's obviously a bug - has anyone else gotten this?

    If you accept both the special and the rebirth quest and complete them by killing Slitheronia on Level 40 - it will say you completed both. But once you claim one reward the second quests resets as incomplete and you are unable to turn it it.

    Kinda stupid don't you think since you can't do ladder twice in a day

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    yes they make you decide to either claim your rbq or the token. this problem has been mentioned before and they havent changed it so thats just the way it is, not thought out very well and theyre ok with that.