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ultimate pay card value not the reflected in purchase

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  • ultimate pay card value not the reflected in purchase

    I recently tried to purchase crystal on the Armor Games server. When I entered the Ultimate Game Card number, the price applied was $22.87 and not the full $25 of the Ultimate Game Card. Tried this with multiple cards. The same thing happened each time, although the value of the card was different. In each case though, the full $25 was never applied towards the purchase. This has never happened before.
    I contacted Ultimate Pay. They said it was because the cards were not in US dollars, which is strange because I am in the US and the cards were purchased here with US dollars. So I am not sure I believe that. I tried to file a ticket with R2 from the Armor Games server, but when I clicked the ticket button, the Armor Games server is not listed as a choice. I looked here on the forums and found a link about how to file a ticket from Armor Games. When I clicked on the link "how to file a ticket on Armor Games," it opened a new tab and with a window that said something like "User information not found."

    Any help and assistance with both issues is appreciated. Thank you.
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