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  • No VIP?

    Hi, I am a recently new character, my best friend showed me this game and i really liked it so i thought of getting VIP status to see how it is, well i went through all the steps and it said processing, and for 20 minutes i got a blank screen, i didn't want to try again seeing as how it might have already been paid for but not activated and i didnt want to have to pay again, i wanted to know if anyone can help me and tell me what happened wrong?


    -This Problem has been solved for me, i have no idea how to get rid of this thread though
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    id give up if i was u i have iv been waiting for the past 2 weeks for my vip and nothing even with persistant nagging in forum
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      if u dont get a reply from a mod here pm one of them with ur ticket number....if u havent filed a ticket yet do it


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        my vip issue didn't even last 24 hours.. just file a ticket and give them all the info you can that they might need i' sure they're doing their best ^_^


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          what is this ticket thing?


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            You can send in a ticket by going to and filling out the form.
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              The only way to avoid the issue are by not spending money on the 'game'.
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