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Help! Items missing from item level packs!

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  • Help! Items missing from item level packs!

    The last to level up packs I received (33 and 34) do not contain ANY of the items when opens. Missed out on 2 pack expansions and a mana orb that I really needed. A little help? Where did they disappear to? And I did check my temp storage. User: 233737730

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    you have a random chance to receive those items it is not garunteed to get them.... you may have gotten a diffent item out of the group check again ^_^
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      Oh.. I never realized that it was based on chance. It's starting to get really disappointing how much of this game is based on chance and you have to keep paying money for better chances. Good for business though. *SIGH*


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        When you receive the item pack if you read the description from the pack it says that you would randomly receive one item from the pack when you open it.

        Always read the description of the pack because depending on what the pack is and what the pack is for, depends on whether it is one item, more than one item, or all the items in the pack. So make sure that in the future you read the description so you know for sure.
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