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Fruit Stats and Rebirth

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  • Fruit Stats and Rebirth

    Would and should our extra stats from using fruits be erased/cleared after we rebirth? Because I don't what to waste my efforts in finding the formulae, ingredients and g I spent getting those fruits to be wasted :S
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    The stats that you gain from fruits should stay with you when you rebirth, as those points are added to your base stats. But I dont know for sure. I feel this is a good question, but I could not be 100% positive on it. They are supposed to be perm stat effects, which would mean that they stay after RB, but I dont know if anyone has tested it and seen if they stat boosts stay after RB. Not to mention that you would need to know the regular base stats of the toon that you have just rebirthed to see if they are still in effect.

    I mean, you soul stats are still going to be there. So if you could find out what your base stats would be with your soul stats included, then see if they are higher after you RB with fruit then you would have an answer. Other than that, I would say there is not much of a way to tell without a GM confirming it.
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      The stats do stay even when you rebirth as stated by Jessie, they will be your permanent stats.
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