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Bots in survival fittest!

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  • Bots in survival fittest!

    Please do something about the god damn bots entering into survival of the fittest because they are ruining the game and the prizes. They sent tons of bots inside to complete with us and they uses hacks to dodge the lighting and gets 1 st place(guru medalist) for 5gmuts and 2nd place for prs and fire lord. So on and so forth. And we non hacker plsyer do not stand amy chance of winning the top 3 prizes.......................
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    Sadly, this won't happen. R2 allows bots because you players get ****** off at the bots, and the only way to compete with them is by cashing. So by allowing bots, you spend more money trying to compete. And to be honest, it would not surprise me if R2 is the one creating all of these bots just to get people to cash more.


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      Wow... I dont know where you think that you get your information. Just Wow!

      R2 has actually done something about the Bots before. R2 does not want the bots, as they are mallmmo bots (DUH) and if they stay in the game then R2 LOSES LOSES LOSES money because people are more tempted to purchase from mallmmo. And how do you think that mallmmo gets the items that they are selling to people? By spamming alt events and using cheats. Duh. If you actually paid attention then you would see that those bots spam WC for people to go to mallmmo, they also set up shops with astronomically high prices in SG L1.

      I actually think that now that the bots are getting bad again, R2 is going to soon do something about them. I can remember two occasions where R2 went in and found the bots, did a mass delete of the toons, and the did a mass IP block on all of the IPs associated with the bots. I also know that when it happened some people lost some alts because they had "nonsense names" like the bots have (and its against TOS anyways) and some people actually got blocked out by the mass IP block and R2 had to manually add them back in.

      But we were bot free for quite a while, and it has only started to be bad again in the last 6 months or so. But yes, eventually R2 will once again handle the situation.
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        i bought morph crystals from a bot for 1g23s45c thats pretty cheap if u ask me hahaha.


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          Originally posted by PrinceKuja View Post
          i bought morph crystals from a bot for 1g23s45c thats pretty cheap if u ask me hahaha.
          Wew , I sure do wish to encounter that one hahaah
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            If you read correctly, he/she is talking about bots in dungeons, ect, not mallmmo bots. And even those bots are allowed by r2. I have reported and sent 100 screen shots to r2 in the last month about those mallmmo bots and guess what, r2 allows them to do their thing. Heck, I have even reported people who advertise to buy ugc cards with screen shots and guess what? They are still allowed to play, and they don't even get a suspension.

            But back on the subject of bots in dungeons, yes r2 does allow this (since I have inquired about this due to bots always knowing where torches are and always killing zodiac bosses) and there is nothing wrong with it.
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              The bot in Survival are a joke. I just push or pull them once and they're toast. The same people win 1st-3rd everyday on my server. The bots get hit by lightning all the time, but they do increase the lag a lot. If anything the bot make the event too crowded, but its fun to knock them off course, lmao. The bot maker probably has an ****load of fire lord eggs. I run 5 toons through almost every night and have never lost to a bot on the 1st run. What's really fun is when a players wings kill all the bot before the event starts. The bots get a head start but their hp is so low they all die, lmao. The survival bot man (or woman) is funny to me. It makes my night when I send his (or her) bots running in the wrong direction. I'd like to talk to the bot maker and design a better game, lol.
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                Nice, that you enjoy bots in the game, the rest of us not so much. It's against the TOS, so do something against it, R2.


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                  .... mallmmo just hacks ur account right?


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                    Yes bots totally ruined the game for us. Banned them!
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