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Undelivered VIP - AGAIN

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  • Undelivered VIP - AGAIN

    Just out of curiousity, who do I have to have to screw to actually get my VIP turned on? For four months RUNNING, I pay, it doesn't get turned on. Ive been billed two days early as of two months ago, and have been billed early ever since. Additionally, I pay, and get nothing. I don't wanna hear - wait 24. Why SHOULD I? You didn't wait 24 hours to TAKE my money. This is a CONSTANT issue, every month. Im being charged for a month of VIP... I should GET a month of VIP....NOT 28 days, not 26 days, not 24 days, NOT whenever you get off your *** and turn it on...I shouldn't HAVE to make a ticket every month, I shouldn't HAVE to post on the forum, I shouldn't HAVE to ask moderators for help. If I play for another couple / few months, I'll have been screwed out of an entire month. Fix your ****. It's really that simple... No more excuses, no more bullcrap, just fix your ****.