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GM i Always Stucked when Loading....Pls Help me!!!

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  • GM i Always Stucked when Loading....Pls Help me!!!

    Please can you Fixed it?

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    GM SUPER LOG xmass EVENt


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      think u mean LAGG lol lagging like crazy unlike before i did not have such terrible lagg >.>


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        Use google crome and hide all players and effects.
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          Or get a better computer.............
          Server: (S45)Exenden Realm
          Name: Lunaria
          Class: Fire Mage
          Plane: Eidolon
          Level: 125+
          Guild: TheDarkness (Leader)
          Honor Rank: Emperor
          Mount: Super Jiyaori
          Wings: Ultimate Demon Lord +5
          Weapon: Perfect Fragarach Orb II +8 (Fused with lvl 121 orb)
          Husband: (S50)Buldozeris00
          Pet: Guardian Angel +13, Emperor Demon +13, Super Angel +13, Ultrasaurus Rex +13, Dragon Boxer +13, Fire Lord + Morphed Phoenix

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            this is the 1st time i experiencing stuck in loading something not right
            Server - S53 Exelow Hollows
            Char - Rohbean
            Class - Knight balance (called it Bear Knight)
            Level - Eido 120++
            Rank - Squire XD
            Guild - VATICAN XVI
            Pet - Firelord Gen1 ..... Demon King Gen 3
            Mount - Gryphon
            Sperion - Supr Immortal Def Max lvl Gem lvl 5 -_-lll
            Beast Soul - Tiger

            Silent Player FTW


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              Try clearing cache, cookies etc. disk defrag.
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                English police coming through!!!


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                  Originally posted by Kanyo View Post
                  Try clearing cache, cookies etc. disk defrag.
                  You can try this as well as try a different browser , or possibly even reset your router. I find that 99% of the time I have no issues at all with lag and/or connection.