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+13 guide help?!!

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  • +13 guide help?!!


    How many majorEC should I stocked up for +13 for each level 80 slayer set?
    Is there any help on how to reached to +13?

    Appreciate any helps or trolls
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    There really isn't any trick to it , save up a stack of majors , reduce lag as much as possible and go for it , hope for the best , it's more or less all random luck


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      Think about saving two to three stacks before you start enchanting. It is going to take quiet a few tries to get to +13. I used a stack and a half, got to +11 down to +4 then back up to +10. So I would for sure have two or three stacks.

      But there really is not a exact system. But you do not want any lag. I have auto failed with lagging before. I would find a time and place that is the least laggy, then close ANY and ALL programs outside of the browser window that you are running your character in.

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        Yesss. Anything that reduces lag help enchanting. No idea why but it helps!!!
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