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  • G.MUT event.

    Happy new year r2 gm's. I just wanna share you something.. If it's ok, that this 2014, can you release or can you put back the g.mut event for just once?? I mean because it took me months to stack some g.muts.. And i really really wanted to up my mounts. Sorry for being impatient, but i really want it back so bad. Hope you understand ) Once again, happy new year. Godbless.

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    Happy new years to you as well , I hope r2 will release another g mut event as well.
    We don't know when or If they will do it but we can always hope :P


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      It would be very nice to get another one.

      But since we have a perma-event for gmuts, honestly I do not see one happening. Since they put the gmut exchange in effect, there has not been a single gmut event. There have been events that have given gmuts as a reward. But the gmut events we had a long long time ago, were unlimited. The last one we had before they gave us the perma exchange, the one that we had was limited to 3 per day for F2P and 3 extra for VIP (I think, I am not 100% positive on that) then shortly after that, they gave us the perma event because people were requesting the gmut event over and over right after we had the event. So they brought it back perma.

      I would love another gmut event. But I would love an EW event much more. A perma one like the Gmut exchange would be the most wonderful thing in the world!! Especially since there is a higher wing than EW now.

      If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?