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(S1) cant logging

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  • (S1) cant logging

    heey is the server down without being showed because , when opening the game characters wont load it says cant connect to the server??

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    If the server is actually down, the status of it on the login page will show as red. If it's green and you can't login, it's a you thing. ;p Try refreshing or clearing your history and cache.


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      still not working its only the (S1) server with the merged servers all other servers i can log in make a new char :S ,


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        its called MAINTENANCE


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          lol thread started before maintence ..


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            s1 goes down an hour earleir than the rest, silly.


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              its under maintenance
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                there has been an increasing number of people stating the exact same problem. and now ive had this problem arise with em, not that it really prevents me from playing. i can get around it by refreshing once or twice. i fear that it may get worse tho, as it is happening to me more and more each day, over the past 3 days. im one of the lucky ones, other people cant even access their character screen. i think the company.....oh never mind theyre on 3 week vacation. must be nice.